Creative Designs with Kitchen Tiles and Other Tiles

Kitchen TilesKitchen tiles are an item of home design that most homeowners think only belong on the floor, but there are so many more creative ways that they can be used to spruce up not only a kitchen but just about any other room as well. Both kitchen and bathroom tiles can be used as floor tiles and as wall tiles; all one needs a little bit of imagination.

Back splashes or wall splashes have become very popular in modern decor. These are simply empty spaces on any given wall in a room. They are designated specifically for creating a mural-type image in an area usually behind a functional work space. They draw attention away from the room itself and bring focus to that specific area. This technique is sometimes used to create a more eye appealing focal point that draws attention away from functional appliances such as sinks or out-dated furniture or simply as a fresh “pop” of color to brighten the room’s mood.

One of the best things about using tiles is that they are so versatile. Their use is not restricted to just one room, such as the bathroom or kitchen. They can be swapped out in just about any room that one wishes to use them in. The mural-style back splash can be used in place of actual portraits or paintings. One just needs to remember that these are more permanent than those hanging pictures; once they are up and in place, they will be there quite a long time.

Just as with any type of home project, especially a do-it-yourself one, creating back splashes with tiles takes time, effort and knowledge. Experience is not required but it is not as simple as gluing tiles onto a wall. The same can be said for installing them onto the floor. Some people prefer to hire a professional to ensure that the project is completed correctly.

Tiling on floors can be just as creative. The same design ideas can be transferred from the wall to the floor and even though the floor is usually the last thing that people notice, if it “pops” out enough, it will likely become the first. Tiles on the floor do not have to be all one color or design. There are even different textures and sizes of tiles that can be used anywhere throughout a house.

Entrance ways have become another popular area to add a pop of color and “first impression” focal point. When someone firsts walks into a house, they notice the entrance way and everything in the immediate area. This is the area in which most visitors stand and wait, so they often have no choice but to look around and notice the decor and even the floors. This small area can give visitors their first impression of an entire house without them even physically seeing the rest of the home, and just as with a person’s physical appearance, their opinions about the home’s appearance can be made, or broken, in those first impressions.

Dining areas can also be a place to utilize tiles. Empty wall spaces can become decorative areas and even the table itself. The top of a dining room table can be tiled as desired and then given a glossy finishing coat to protect the tile from food, spills, and general use. A large slab of glass can even be installed over the tiling, if a smoother, flatter table top is desired. This same concept can even be taken back into the kitchen areas for the counter tops. Most high-end kitchen counter tops are marble, but if designs or “pops” of color are wanted, the tiles can replace that single-toned counter top.

When thinking about remodeling or rejuvenating a room, the ideas are endless, especially when a versatile item such as tiles are used. What was once aon-use item has become the focalpoint of many home makeovers.

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