Cost of Outdoor Tile

Every tile project includes its own unique set of conditions that influence cost of construction. Whether it’s a remodel or new construction can have considerable influence on whether there is any surface preparation required prior to laying the tile. In climates that are very wet or where there is winter frost, the quality of the tile and tile setting techniques may require more materials or labor to ensure waterproofing. As always, the ability of the tile setter can also have an influence on the work because a landscape contractor who lays basic quarry tiles may cost far less than a tradesman. For the do-it-yourselfer, pricing may be altered significantly. Find more…

Compare and Save

Tiling tasks & costs There are a few factors that affect the size of your quote for a tiling job if you opt to pay by task. The size of the tile and space can take your floor tiling quote from a budget price of $850 to a premium $3,000. Added extras such as sealing, waterproofing and the preparation of floor bedding are usually included in premium rates so you are getting more for your money.

Kitchen & bathroom tiling – The household bathroom and kitchen are the most likely rooms to be renovated – and more often than not at least one will require tiling to complete the job. The type of room also changes the price with bathrooms fetching a higher price than kitchens. They attract quotes ranging between $800 to $3,000 and $400 to $2,400 respectively.

Feature tiling – For small fiddly jobs like feature tiling and kitchen splashbacks you’ll pay an average of $500-$600. The simpler tasks can cost as little as $150 but if you’re after something a bit fancier you’ll be asked to pay a premium of about $1,600.

Outdoor tiling – Outdoor tiling is the most expensive with quotes usually starting at $1,080 and working their way up to $3,300. Find more…

Outdoor Paving Costs

The cost of pavers is probably going to be your first consideration. When you get retail costs per paver, you’ll find they vary from as low as $3.00 each for a 40mm thick 300X300mm cement paver to $6.00 or more for the same size natural sandstone paver. Find more…

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