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Tiling Tips: Prevent Bathroom Tiles from Tenting

Floors expand and contract with changes in moisture, heat and season. This movement can pull tiles apart creating cracks or push them together so that they pop up or ‘tent’. Proper planning and preparation of the subflooring will help to prevent tenting and cracks in tiled bathroom floors.

Tiling Tips

Don’t couple all the membranes underneath the tile. Leaving membranes uncoupled will allow for expansion and movement.

If your bathroom gets a lot of direct sunlight, use lighter, smaller tiles. Large, darkly colored tiles absorb more heat and this causes more movement. More grouting with smaller tiles also allow for movement without cracking or tenting. Read more…

Most Common Tiling Problems

Tiling is not as easy as it seems. Using inferior or incorrect tiling products, lack of tiling experience and price cutting just to get the job, frequently leads to tiling problems that emerge weeks or months later. The result – tiles falling off the wall, buckling floor tiles, cracks, water and moifture accumulating behind the tiles, cracking grout, hollow sound under the tiles and many more symptoms of a botched job.

We have listed some of the most common mistakes made on tiling jobs by inexperienced tiling contractors. Read more…

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Factors That Affect Tiling Costs

Like many other building and renovation jobs, tiling costs depend on several factors. On the average, tiling jobs in Australia are priced at $50 per square metre, but this is just a rough estimate. Quick and easy kitchen tiling jobs cost only $42 per square metre, while complicated floor tiling jobs with premium rates can add up to a total of over $2300.

Knowing what goes into the computation of your tiling job can help you understand and evaluate quotes much better. Here are some of the major factors that affect tiling costs. Read more…

Advantages Of Tiling Your Kitchen Flooring

In case you’re planning a complete kitchen renovation, then one of your biggest concerns is what flooring to select. Hardware floors have always been a good choice for the kitchen, especially since you can select a type of solid or engineered wood to match your counters. While undoubtedly a stylish choice, hardwood flooring is rather expensive; keep in mind that you’ll need to hire a professional for the installation.

If you spend most of your budget on flooring, you’ll have little left for acquiring fashionable and functional countertops. If your renovation project is on a tight budget, then installing tile flooring in the kitchen is a far better alternative. Read more…

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