Kitchen Floor Tiles

A kitchen is supposedly the only place in your house that can have several types of tiles, and they all are added to your kitchen just to add the beauty of it. When choosing a specific tile for your kitchen, always remember the location where it will get installed. Glossy tiles are mostly used on walls, but are not considered as a good idea for the flooring of your kitchen. Tiles selected for the floor of kitchens should be safe to walk on whereas glossy floor in your kitchen could be unsafe while walking. Here are different types of tiles for kitchen:


They are durable, slip resistant, as well as stain resistant. These features make slate tiles an ideal choice for the kitchen flooring. The only drawback faced in them is color choices offered by them are very limited. Usually they are available in grey, rust, green, charcoal, or in a mix of all these colors.

Quarry Stone

These are elegant looking tiles and can be considered by people, who are lucky enough to have large and spacious kitchens. Installing them requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and focus of personnel. But once they are installed they turn out to be extremely durable.

Granite Tiles for Kitchen Floors

They are completely stain resistant. The only drawback of granite tiles is that their surface could get scratched easily or become dull with regular usage. This makes them to require very high maintenance, as they have to be cleared and mopped on daily basis.

Bamboo Tiles for Kitchen Floor

People who cannot afford hardwood can opt for bamboo tiles. They cost less than the other types of tiles used for kitchen flooring. Bamboo tiles are also environment friendly. They are durable, easy to clean and above all they are moisture resistant. They also give a very stylish and sophisticated look.


They come in a variety of colors, textures, styles, shapes and sizes. They give visual appearance as that of wood and quarry stone but those are charged at high prices if compared to linoleum. Their installation charges are very less compared to wood and quarry stone.


They come under the type of ceramic materials. They are extremely hard, strong, and durable. They are well resistant to stains and environmental hazards. Being available in variety of shapes, colors, and designs it is the best option for kitchen floors as well as counter tops. For those of you who want to lend a completely different look to your kitchen, they must opt for Saltillo tiles which are the best option.

Saltillo Tiles

They are Mexican in style, and they give a classy look to your kitchen. Learn more about Saltillo Tile.

Travertine Tiles

One more option if travertine, composed limestone and comes in colors such as gold and ivory.
In the end, whatever type of tiles you choose for your kitchen floor, make it sure that the design matches with the overall decor of your kitchen. While choosing the color, always go for lighter shades, as these make kitchen look airy and spacious.

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